17 Robert Pickton - Part 3


[Part 3 of 4] In this part, we find out what led to Robert Pickton's eventual arrest.

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Research and writing: Meg Zhang and Kristi Lee
Audio production: Erik Krosby
Special thanks to Wednesday  LaChance
Special thanks to Dave Wolfman

Information sources:
Can be found with the episode at www.canadiantruecrime.ca.

Music credits:
Erik Krosby - composer and producer of original music used
Music below is used under an Attribution License - http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
Podcast theme music: Space Trip.  http://www.dl-sounds.com/royalty-free/space-trip/
Kai Engel - Difference
Chris Zabriskie - Fly Inverted Past A Jenny
Sergey Cheremisinov- Mothers hands
Chris Zabriskie - Cylinders 7
Igor Khabarov - Stay
Chris Zabriskie - I Don't See the Branches, I See the Leaves by Chris Zabriskie - YouTube
Dark Water - Poddington  bear
Chris Zabriskie - There’s a special place for some people
Chris Zabriskie - Undercover Vampire Policeman
Chris - I need to start writing things down
Chris - Brethren, Arise
Philip Weigl - Subdivision of the Masses
Chris - I'm a man who will fight for your honour
Sergey Cheremisinov - When You Leave
Sergey Cheremisinov - Sea & Night
Ars Sonor  - Cellular Fugue II
Vitus Von Degen - Black gloves
Kevin McLeod - Marty Gots a Plan


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